Let’s Go Dating

《我们去相亲!》节目探讨亚洲各地迟婚或不婚现象的背景与原因,并探索各地相亲文化,从而了解各地人民针对迟婚、不婚、相亲等课题的生活态度。节目通过两位主持人,带领大家展开一段探索旅程! 两人将以轻松有趣的方式探讨亚洲各地的单身问题、相亲文化。主持人也将参与红娘公司的相亲活动,亲身体验相亲寻爱的滋味!

LET’S GO DATING is a fun, yet in-depth, exploration of Asia’s dating scene!  Discover why people are marrying late, and why there are increasingly more single people.  The presenters get first-hand accounts from the locals.  What is finding love like on their home ground?  Frustrating, an adventure or a breeze?  And what are the local attitudes towards marriage and singlehood? LET’S GO DATING is a journey of discovery for our brave Hosts.  They even try out the different matchmaking tactics across Asia themselves!  It’s time to mingle!



Genre: Travel, Entertainment
Language: Chinese with English Subtitles
Year: 2017

Duration: 10 episodes  x 30 mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals, Singapore

Client: Mediacorp Singapore


Episode 1 – China
200 million – that’s the amount of singles in China! Anxious parents rush to find potential partners for their children, creating China’s unique ‘marriage markets’! ‘Bad Boy Academy’ teaches single males how to date. What would hosts Weiliang and Teddy pick up? Catch Let’s Go Dating! first episode!

Episode 2 – Taiwan
Hoping to leave singlehood, Taiwanese have their ways – some visit the Chinese Cupid Temple, some create the ‘EatGather’ App, uniting singles over meals, others sell… bubble tea? Is a night market date romantic? What’s ‘Silent Dating’? Follow Ah Boys Weiliang and Tosh to Taiwan to find out!

Episode 3 – South Korea

Koreans love dating! Why then, are marriage rates at an all time low? Tosh goes on a sogaeting date, but Weiliang eats jjajangmyeon alone…? Young Koreans patronise ‘Hunting Bar’, a popular matchmaking spot; would Ah Boys enjoy the experience? Also, which Ah Boy’s looks attract Korean ladies more?

Episode 4 – Philippines
The Harana way; Philippinos serenade their lovers! Besides using the ‘Harana’ App, others participate in traditional hometown matchmaking events as their parents wish. Ah Boys have a special mission in Philippines; bring Jenesa, who’s spent 8 years away from home, back to find her ‘Special One’!

Episode 5 – India
In India, parents play a key role in planning and making decisions for their children’s marriage; submitting matrimonial ads either on print or online, the engagement, to the actual wedding ceremony. Hosts Youyi and Teddy unveil the wonders of Indian wedding tradition and culture!

Episode 6 – Japan
In Japan, it’s an unusual dating scene – women pursue fervently, while men remain uninterested. Some men date virtual girlfriends, while some become… “Herbivore men”? What’s the “Virgin rice” trend? Speed dating sees participants in surgical masks, and on bullet trains! Don’t miss this episode!

Episode 7 – Thailand
What is the dating criteria of Thai women? Why do they like dating foreigners? How has social media and mobile Apps affect Thai dating culture? Passionate and creative, how do Thais merge old and modern dating approaches, even matchmaking singles through Muay Thai?

Episode 8 – Vietnam
Mention Vietnam’s dating culture, and one inevitably thinks of ‘foreign brides’. Ah Boys speak to local females to get to the heart of the matter! A romantic nation, local youths date at specially designated ‘Love Street’. Our hosts also bring a friend to search for love at Sapa’s ‘Love Market’!

Episode 9 – Hong Kong
Why are ‘Leftover women’ growing steadily in Hong Kong? How do university students find ‘The One’? Which faculty has the most popular males? A dating app where ladies take the first step – Does this benefit Hong Kong women? Hosts Youyi and Teddy participate in a 7-minute tram speed-dating event!

Episode 10 – Singapore
A rising trend of singles in Singapore: What is their dating criteria? Why are locals marrying late, or not at all? Ah Boys play ‘Street Cupids’, attempting to matchmake single guys and girls. Will they succeed? Also, what experience awaits them on a romantic perfume-making date with… one another?!