Walk This Way

From mountain peaks to underwater caves; to volcanic lakes and forest trails, join our hosts as they travel across six countries in Asia the way our forefathers did: on foot.  Trekking off the beaten path, they discover and experience cultures and landscapes from an authentic perspective.

Experiencing life like the locals, we pick tea leaves on a Sri Lankan plantation; venture into one of the world’s largest cave systems in Vietnam; walk with the Igorot in Philippines, where coffins hang off the cliffs.

In Laos, embark on a deeply reflective journey through the Plain of Jars, and meet survivors of the world’s most bombed nation.  Trek through giant cedars in Akita Japan, and follow the ancient path used by Samurais, and encounter the elusive Matagi hunters.This is Asia by foot. Join us and Walk This Way.



Genre: Travel, Lifestyle, Culture
Language: English
Year: 2019

Duration: 6 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Asia excluding Singapore
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.


Episode 1 – Sri Lanka: Hill Country
Adrian Jalaludin  walks through Sri Lanka’s tea plantations to handpick tea with the locals; visit a monastery with exclusive access to an ancient relic; and explores the island’s colonial history.

Episode 2 – Vietnam: Cave Trekking
Adrian treks through a vast national park, and takes a different walk into the daunting Tu Lan cave system – a sprawling network that’s millions of years old and home to the world’s largest cave.

Episode 3 – Philippines: Coffin Valley
Coffins hang off cliffs while voices echo in the valleys of Sagada.  Home to the Igorots: a mountain tribe that has proudly preserved their culture,  Adrian discover their natural attractions.

Episode 4 – Laos: Plain of Jars
Adrian embarks on his most dangerous walk yet, through the Plain of Jars. Discover how a secret war  left unexploded bombs scattered across Laos, and how its resilient locals have rebuilt their lives.

Episode 5 – Indonesia: Volcanic Lake Trails
Adrian Jalaludin hikes across Flores, the Catholic hub of Indonesia.  Awaiting him is a mangrove borne out of the Tsunami, and a hike to view its breathtaking blue volcanic lakes.

Episode 6 – Japan: Matagi Hunters
Deep within the mountains of Akita lies a village of ancient hunters. Join Sharda Harrison on a journey to explore the Matagi way of life; meet expert craftsmen and its famous mascot: the Akita dog.