Weird Food Diaries

In Weird Food Diaries, avid food traveller Rozz Lee goes in search of some of the most bizarre eats in Asia. From slimy swamp worms to live delicacies, Rozz eats her way across Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. Whether it’s exotic street food or haute cuisine, Rozz is ready to try it all!

“怪食记”跟随热爱美食的Rozz 一起寻找亚洲最奇特的山珍海味!不管是黏糊糊的沼泽蠕虫还是街边的烤老鼠,Rozz 都绝对不放过!她会在日本,越南,柬埔寨,台湾,泰国,韩国,印度尼西亚和菲律宾各地旅行, 并把当地人所称为美食的都尝一遍。


Genre: Food & Travel
Language: English / Mandarin dubbed version available
Year: 2018

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Asia excluding Singapore
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Episodic Details

Episode 1- Puerto Princesa + Davao, Philippines:
Rozz explores the Filipino way of nose-to-tail dining, where no part of an animal is wasted.  As she learns, the Pinoys really do eat EVERYTHING.  From slimy swamp creatures to dangerous predators, there’s never a dull moment in her weird food quest in the Philippines.

Episode 2- Seoul, Korea:
Uncovering age-old recipes, Rozz discovers the true taste of Korea in this episode. Her weird food hunt begins with Korea’s largest seafood auction, and then heads down the stinky alleyways of Seoul. Can Rozz manage to eat without being overcome by the stench of her plate?

Episode 3- Bangkok & Maha Sarakham, Thailand:
Turning Bangkok inside out, Rozz feasts on all things weird: from icky street food to modern high-end insect cuisine. Then, she heads north to have a sip of pricey elephant-infused coffee, followed by a gory traditional dinner with the Isan tribe.

Episode 4- Tokyo, Japan:
Irrasshaimasu! Rozz heads to Tokyo, the world’s culinary capital, where she experiences the creative frontier of Japanese food. From making strange sushi to outrageous ice-cream to multi-sensory dining, Rozz dives in with a Nandemo Tabemasu or “I’ll eat anything!” attitude.

Episode 5- Pingtung, Tainan + Chiayi, Taiwan:
Rozz heads to Taiwan’s countryside for some fresh air, and to explore their offbeat approach to healthy eating – which includes insect rolls and delicious turtle concoctions. Then it’s time for another speciality – sugar cane eating rodents. Will they be tasty or nasty? Watch out as Rozz bites in and finds the surprise.

Episode 6- Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam:
Beyond the pho and rice rolls lies another Vietnam. Join Rozz as she seeks out hidden reptilian recipes and a side of Viet cuisine she never knew existed: live beating hearts, crimson soups and creamy creepy crawlies. Will she be able to stomach it?

Episode 7- Bali, Indonesia:
In Bali, Rozz uncovers the island’s rugged, cultural beauty – and its lesser-known culinary underbelly. Here, Rozz meets and feasts on a creature of the night, takes part in its food festivals and pushes her tastebuds to the limit with strange satay, bee salads and jamu cocktails.

Episode 8- Battambang + Siem Reap, Cambodia:
No feast is off limits for Rozz in Indochina. Discovering how modern Khmer dining evolved out of adversity, she comes head to head with bug burgers, big hairy tarantulas, amphibian and a beef stew with a creepy garnish.