Fablelicious is a half-hour comedy series that offers a brand new twist to familiar fairy tales and classics. Every week a well-known fairy tale, fable, parable, nursery rhyme, classic film and song is given a fresh perspective. Fablelicious covers various genres from science fiction to action-adventure to parodies – all this whilst keeping the moral essence and spine of the original story, with new and unexpected twists. Ever wondered how Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk would fare as a Jedi? Or how things would turn out if Cinderella’s evil stepsisters had not been evil? Or if the Three Little Pigs were superheroes? The possibilities are endless as these updated stories are explored in Fableicious, where a classic tale goes under the knife to transform into a modernised, quirkier, upgraded version of itself.


Genre: Kids, Youth, Fantasy Comedy

Language: English

Year: 2014-2015

Duration: 17 eps x 30 minutes

Territory/Rights Available: Worldwide (except Singapore Terrestrial)

Formats Available: Yes

Show Format: HD

Produced By: Hoods Inc. Productions

Client: Mediacorp okto (Singapore Terrestrial)

 Season 1

Episode 1: The Three Little Pigs (in a superhero setting!)

Episode 2: Cinderella (in a Medieval Fantasy setting!)

Episode 3: The Tortoise And The Hare (in a Prehistoric setting!)

Episode 4: Beauty And The Beast (in a Victorian setting!)

Episode 5: Hansel And Gretel (in an Aztec Adventure setting!)

Episode 6: Jack And The Beanstalk (in a Sci-Fi setting!)

Episode 7: Snow White (in a Gaming setting!)

Episode 8: The Ugly Duckling (in a Magical Fairyland setting!)

Season 2

Episode 1: Aladdin & The Forty Thieves

Episode 2: Little Red Riding Hood

Episode 3: Rapunzel

Episode 4: The Boy Who Cried Wolf / Pinocchio

Episode 5: Town Mouse and Country Mouse / Megamind

Episode 6: Sleeping Beauty

Episode 7: Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Episode 8: Frozen / The Ant & The Grasshopper / Frozen

Episode 9: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Values and Cores

Each episode covers a different tale or fable which highlights important themes and values through the plots. Even with the modern storytelling, every story will retain its moral core. These themes include tolerance, hard work, preserverance, the importance of family, humility, racial harmony, integrity, honesty, staying true to oneself, importance of education and community spirit. The main characters will learn these valuable lessons as they strive to reach their goal. Revamping classics brings with it a ready audience – people who are aware of the stories but are now keen to catch the remake. With the aid of celebrity actor-directors and a completely animated background with live action characters in animated, the stories will have a modern twist to further engage the audience.