Ai Ai Cef

In Ai Ai Cef!, two junior chefs battle it out to cook the most scrumptious meal based on the theme of the week, with the assistance of a masked mystery personality. Amazing prizes await the chef with the best dish, and bonus prizes if they can guess who the mystery personality is!


Genre: Children & Family / Education
Language: Malay
Year: 2023

Duration:  13 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Singapore’s Favourite Breakfast

There’s no better way to begin the series other than with BREAKFAST! Be ready to see our Host, Kak Fazlyna Aziz summoning our junior chefs to celebrate local breakfast culture; by whipping up Singapore’s favourite breakfast! Can they create a dish that is scrumptious enough to impress the host-judge, Chef Muz??

Episode 2 – Hawker Cuisine

Hawker cuisine is the perfect example of melting-pot culture. It’s time for the junior chefs to show off their skills to char their special dishes out of the wok. Could they be the hidden gems that have the skills of our hawkers? Can they guess who are the personalities with the Shark & Eagle masks?

Episode 3 – Korean Cuisine

K-pop, glass skin and sleek gadgets are some things that put South Korea on the map, but its cuisine is also trending amongst youngsters all over the world. In this episode, contestants gain insight as they dive into Korean culture through a challenge featuring K-food staples. Featuring Mystery Personalities fronting the Panther and Monkey masks, can they guess who are they?

Episode 4 – Pasar Malam Food

Are you a fan of Pasar Malam? With a wide array of food selections including quintessential fair snacks, Pasar Malam in Singapore also offers traditional delicacies with a dash of fusion innovation. Watch our junior chefs give their all to create a crowd-pleasing Pasar Malam dish with the help of their masked assistants, the lion and the polar bear.

Episode 5 – Mexican Cuisine

Believe it or not, you may find over 100 different kinds of chilies in Mexican cooking. But will the chefs and their assistants be able to prepare a winning Mexican dish that represents the country’s vibrant cultural heritage?

Episode 6 – Chinese Cuisine

Join our junior chefs and their mystery celebrities as they work together to whip-up a flavourful Chinese Dish!

Episode 7 – Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is defined by culinary trends which is shared by a diverse array of ethnicities that live around the Mediterranean Sea e.g., Spain, Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia and more. Be ready to watch our two teams battle against each other to honour the unique identity of Mediterranean cuisine through a decadent dish! Can they guess who is Rhino and Owl?

Episode 8 – Malay Cuisine

There’s nothing in this world like Malay Cuisiine. But which signature dish will the junior chefs be preparing to win the heart of Chef Muz, our host-judge? Featuring Beautiful Rabbit & Adorable Cat, are the real stars really beautiful and adorable?

Episode 9 – Western Cuisine

Get your aprons on and join the gastronomic adventure of our two chefs in the cook-off round for a western dish!

Episode 10 – Thai Cuisine

Let’s get ready to indulge in the flavours of Thailand! Can our junior chefs and their assistants replicate the complexity of Thai flavours, while paying attention to the nuances of food presentation in their cuisine?

Episode 11 – Indian Cuisine

It’s time for Indian cuisine! This time the junior chefs will be learning about an Indian dessert. Can they then whip up a full scale Indian dish? Will they pick the right mystery personality to asist them and win the bonus prize by guessing them right?

Episode 12 – Italian Cuisine

Who doesn’t know lasagna, spaghetti, gelato and pizza? Join this gastronomic adventure where our contestants take a closer look at Italian cuisine through an exciting game and cook-off! Featuring Crocodile & Chimpanzee!

Episode 13 – Japanese Cuisine

Sushi is an iconic fare that everyone loves, but few know that the dish comes along with unique eating etiquettes. This episode will bring the junior chefs to be under the influence of Japanese culture by teasing their ‘manga’ skills on food and be prepared for a slurp in the cook-off round.