Cantik Detektif (Beauty Detective)

Synopsis:  Cantik Detektif. Taking Beauty Regimes to their Extreme. How far would you go in the pursuit of beauty and wellness? Would you go through fire and ice? Trek through volcanic mountains and travel to far away villages, all in the name of beauty. Journey with host Huda Ali as she takes you around Asia to look at the most unique, bizarre and fun beauty treatments offered today!




Genre: Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Health, Beauty
Language: Malay (English Subtitles Available)
Year: 2015-2024

Duration: 40 episodes x 60 mins (5 Seasons)
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Client: Suria Channel (Singapore Terrestrial)


(Season 1)

Episode 1- Indonesia
Host Huda Ali starts her beauty adventure in Indonesia, where beauty traditions steeped in ancient rituals and customs are handed down from royal families. Travelling from Jakarta to Jogjakarta she tries “Jamu Gali – Galiang” which is supposed to have a slimming effect on women; discovers why the “Sanggul Paes”, an official hair – do for the Kraton’s royals, is a must for most Indonesian brides; and experiences the therapeutic effect of the “Kerokan” treatment, which only needs a humble coin.

Episode 2- Thailand
Gorgeous radiant skin, long silky hair and youthful looks make us envy everything about Thai women. But how is it that they are able to defy time even in their advancing years ? Host Huda Ali investigates Thailand’s novel beauty secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. From a 16th century Thai tradition of Hermit Contortion that promises longevity to the 5000 year old “Tok Sen” (hammer massage) that is said to have the same benefits of acupuncture but without the needles, Huda tries them all to find out the truth behind the claims.

Episode 3- Philippines
A treasure – trove of traditional beauty secrets and an emerging market for new beauty trends, Philippines is the perfect melting pot of all things related to beauty. Huda travels to this vibrant country in search of a unique spa on top of a volcanic mountain; discovers a fast and painless solution to saggy skin without surgical intervention; and pampers herself with a body scrub made from a popular dessert “Halo Halo”, which promises radiant skin.

Episode 4- China
They say Sichuan girls are the prettiest in China. How did they attain their beauty status ? Does the secret lie in their age – old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or simply in their notoriously fiery food. Huda braces herself for the many beauty treatments that involve fire; surrenders her face to hundreds of needles; and discovers an ancient sound therapy to eases those wrinkle lines.

Episode 5- India
Indian women have won international beauty pageants multiple times, making them the Asian country with the most number of world – class beauty queens. Long obsessed with beauty from the inside out, what are the secrets of Indian women ? Huda heads to Chennai and Kerala to find out what’s brewing in their homes and beauty parlours ! From the world famous medical science of Ayurveda, to the goodness of the humble coconut and banana leaves, Huda searches for true wellness for body and soul.

Episode 6- Korea
Hallyu hits Huda ! In a land obsessed with looking perfect, Huda explores the different things Koreans put themselves through to achieve those starworthy looks. She visits a plastic surgery clinic to discover the ideal Korean face; tries out golki, a non – surgical method of achieving that face; soaks herself in an enzyme bath as an alternative to exercise; and finds out the secret behind coveted Korean ginseng !

Episode 7- Vietnam & Cambodia
Unlike her other destinations, this time Huda chooses to explore the tale of two cities. Separated only be a border, Cambodia and Vietnam have vastly different cultures. Huda heads first to bustling Hanoi where she learns the secrets behind the mesmerising ao dai and the natural grace and beauty of the Vietnamese. Then she heads to romantic Siem Reap, home of the majestic Angkor Wat, where she observes first – hand the beauty of humanity even amidst the struggle for survival.

Episode 8- Singapore
Huda heads home to Singapore to check out the latest and wildest in beauty technologies ! She experiences being frozen in sub – zero temperatures; floating in a tank with as much salt as the Dead Sea; having her body hair yanked off without any wax; and finally indulging herself in lots of dark chocolate and caviar, Singapore is not short of one – of – a – kind treatments when it comes to wellness and beauty.

(Season 2)

Episode 1- Bali
Beyond the beaches and bodacious bodies, Bali has a whole host of beauty secrets to offer ! Huda Ali luxuriates in a spa treatment comprising completely of only the richest dark chocolate ! She is then treated to an ancient saltwater massage to revitalize her skin. Next, she finds herself the victim of a burial – under a mound of uniquely Javanese herbal sand ! Huda visits the legendary Ayu Ketut Agung, known for being the trusted lelunakan stylist of Indonesia’s political glamour icon, ex – First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. Finally, she dares a sip of the fieriest herbal drink – mixed with belacan and chilli !

Episode 2- Malaysia
Huda Ali heads to Borneo for a traditional taste of beauty ! She gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself on the other end of a painful whacking – to get rid of toxins ! She swallows down her disgust when she’s offered a drink made from ant’s saliva ! Next, she gets the pampering of her life in two very different styles from the Dusun and Murud tribes – both of which promise that she will remember for life. Then she meets the bold and beautiful MMA powerhouse Ann Osman. Can Huda keep her head when she visits the Iban Headhunters?

Episode 3- Taiwan
Huda Ali heads for a whirlwind of an adventure in typhoon – prone Taiwan ! She goes ‘under the knife’ – with a meat cleaver massage ! She roasts like a chicken in an oven of hot stones, burning up to 1000 calories ! Huda rediscovers the familiar acupuncture – this time, using the humble (but painful ! ) chopsticks. She then meets one of Taiwan’s most celebrated dancers – who strangely credits Bollywood dancing for her trim waistline ! And how do Taiwanese men get those sought – after six – pack ab muscles without spending a single minute in the gym?

Episode 4- Japan
When it comes to the strange and surprising, Japan is ahead of the curve ! Huda Ali heads to Tokyo to find out what secrets the Japanese have. She jumps feet first into an onsen theme park with over 50 hot springs to choose from ! Then she gets treated to a painful but rejuvenating traditional shiatsu massage. Huda then gets the priceless opportunity to meet internationally renowned skincare revolutionist Chizu Saeki, who shares DIY beauty lifehacks that anybody can do ! She meets a man obsessed with one of the craziest fashion styles she has ever seen – glam – rock Visual Kei ! Finally, she heads into the heart of Kyoto to meet one of the mysterious geisha, who reveals just how they attain their elegant grace and poise.

Episode 5- Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is rife with unknown and mysterious treatments that demonstrate their deep and unique understanding of the human body. Huda Ali heads to Colombo to explore some of the most surprising treatments yet ! She goes to one of the few remaining varmam doctors, keeper of a secret system of pressure points that can heal – or kill – a patient. Then, she heads to a clinic that sells a solution to any hair problem Huda might have ! Next, she visits the venerable Horiwila medical family – whose orthopaedic herbal blend has been a family secret for 1, 500 years ! Finally, she learns the sinuous peacock dance from Sri Lanka’s living national treasure – choreographer Chandana Wickramasinghe!

Episode 6- China
Huda Ali goes back to her favourite destination of the first season, this time heading straight for the capital city – Beijing ! She lies on a bed of bugs, a creepy crawly treatment that promises a slimmer figure ! The infamous Dowager Empress Cixi had a host of beauty regimes, one of which included an icky, fishy substance: Huda meets somebody who still knows that secret ! Then she witnesses a modern spin on one of China’s oldest therapies – now featuring embedded protein strings ! She gets a unique spine – chilling experience that promises to manipulate the spaces between her bones to sculpt and refine her body ! Finally, she meets a man who dresses up as a woman all the time – for the sake of Beijing’s operatic arts.

Episode 7- Philippines
Huda Ali heads back to the Philippines, this time to two of the most famous islands in the archipelago – beautiful Boracay and charming Cebu ! She heads straight to the Zoo – not to play tourist, but to witness a strange and scary treatment: a snake massage ! Huda indulges in a sensuous body scrub made from the national flower Sampaguita, with a fragrance so strong she leaves the smell of jasmines in her wake all day ! She explores the highly medicinal akapulko, famed for its ability to cure even the worst skin diseases. She undergoes a traditional treatment by a 70 – year – old hilot practitioner – one of the few left in the Philippines. Finally, she meets a merman who teaches her a way of life that will give her a flat stomach.

Episode 8- Australia
Sun, sand and surf – Huda Ali goes further afield than she has ever gone before, to the continent of Australia ! She has a close shave with a “vampire” – a spine – chilling treatment that uses the customer’s own blood to smoothen out wrinkles immediately. She checks out how Australian women get their luscious skin by trying out a nutritious avocado facial. Australia’s huge Arab community also brought their own beauty practices with them – including a luxurious traditional Turkish bath with a bubble bath that leaves her literally smelling of roses ! Huda heads down to the beach for a special kind of yoga that not only promotes physical fitness, but also mental health. To cap it all off, she beautifies her body inside out with some customised smoothies by Australia’s very own Beauty Chef, Carla Oates.

(Season 3)

Episode 1- Dubai
This series we begin with beautiful and mystical Dubai ! Our Cantik Detektif heads to the shopping capital to find out the secrets of the flawless Emirati women ! How does hypnotism curb your appetite ? Huda also explores the deserts and learn a step or two from the beautiful belly dancers.

Episode 2- Kalimantan, Indonesia
Huda Ali takes us to Kalimantan in search of more unique treatments. Indonesia benefits from their traditional methods containing herbs to keep women youthful and slim. The Cantik Detektif will find out if Assam fruit helps with weight loss, and wait, are those penguins I see on the beach?

Episode 3- Korea
In this episode, Huda Ali re – visits Korea to find out more beauty secrets ! She visits a silkworm farm and finds out how their cocoons leave your skin smooth and supple. Our Cantik Detektif also heads to Jeju Island to learn that eating flowers has got many health and beauty benefits!

Episode 4- Japan
Huda Ali steps into Hokkaido this time in Japan ! She wanders into a shop selling funky gadgets that can improve your facial features ! Our Cantik Detektif also indulges in a steam bath recipe from the oldest traditional tribes, which helps in detoxifying your body!

Episode 5- India
Our Cantik Detektif travels to India in search of a ‘flying’ exercise. Acroyoga is a physical discipline that combines acrobatics with yoga ! Can Huda manage to master it ? Also, find out how burning your hair gives you the perfect haircut!

Episode 6- Nepal
Ever wanted to experience a massage in the mountain ? Our Cantik Detektif learns that is possible in Nepal ! Huda also finds out that the highly sought after Himalayan Pink Salt is packed with mineral crystals with nutritional and therapeutic properties. Perfect for salt scrubs!

Episode 7- Hong Kong
One of the most controversial beauty methods is the micro needling therapy in Hong Kong ! Our Cantik Detektif attempts this treatment where micro needles are used to puncture small orifices in the face. Huda also learns that not only your body requires detoxification, but your emotion needs that too.

Episode 8- Spain
Our Cantik Detektif’s last stop this season is in Spain ! How do Spanish women stay on their toes and slim figures ? Huda learns that flamenco dancing could be the secret ! Also, Huda learns that rolling pins might actually be better when used on your body instead of dough!

(Season 4)

Episode 1- New Zealand (Queenstown, Rotorua)
In this new season, Huda sets her foot out of Asia and into New Zealand ! She heads to a mud spa in Rotorua, and learns how beneficial it is to the skin ! She finds out how the Kiwis keep a part of their tradition in their clothings. And for the first time this season, our Cantik Detektif tries an age old treatment known as the miri-miri massage, which has been passed on through many generations !

Episode 2- Cambodia (Siam Reap, Battambang)
Huda revisits Cambodia once more, but this time, to the capital of Siem Reap and Battambang, a province located in the north ! Huda learns how to whip up a healthy and tasty soup that helps the Cambodian ladies to stay slim. She also ensures that she doesnt miss the opportunity to learn the traditional Khmer classical dance. Huda also attempts to sew a Sampot!

Episode 3- Philippines (Cavite, Antique)
Huda Ali takes us to Cavite in Philippines to try an ancient old treatment, which uses the bark of a tree to keep one’s hair long and healthy ! For the name of beauty, she sacrifices her pair of feet to giant fishes ! And when in Antique, she seizes the opportunity to cook herself in a boiling Kawa bath!

Episode 4- China (Hangzhou, Guangxi)
Our Cantik Detektif travels to Hangzhou and GuangXi, China where she experiences traditional beauty treatments and therapies that are still being practised today. This time Huda gets first hand experience to see how pearls turn to beauty products, learns make-up trends from the Tang Dynasty and tries the ancient hair care, rice water shampoo!

Episode 5- Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang)
Huda Ali visits neighbouring Malaysia ! She tries an ancient treatment using onion water, meets a hijab Cosplayer and travels to Penang where she experiences some Peranakan lifestyle & culture ! Of course, it wouldnt be complete without a Peranakan beauty treatment right?

Episode 6- Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket)
Its a trip to The Land of Smiles, Thailand and in this season, Huda visits the capital Bangkok and Phuket. With beauty treatments involving Mango Sticky Rice and lemongrass, filled with activities such as Muay Thai boxing and massage, and welcomed with lots of water during the Songkran Festival, this time Huda truly immerses in the Thai culture.

Episode 7- Korea (Seoul, Gyeonggi-Do)
It’s a trip to Seoul, Korea and Huda is excited to experience new beauty treatments and therapies ! Have you ever fancied having mucus producing snails sliding on your face ? Getting electrocuted to lose weight ? Perhaps learn Karate with a K Pop twist ? It’s definitely not an episode to miss as these are just some of what Huda experiences in Cantik Detektif’s visit to Korea this season.

Episode 8- Finland (Helsinki, Naantali)
Cantik Detektif reaches Europe ! In this season’s furthest destination, Huda visits the land of spas, Finland ! It’s Summer and the best time to experience therapies which relaxes and revitalises while basking in the warm Summer sun. Huda attempts Yoga with a Black Metal twist, learns to appreciate nature and experiences spa treatments like no other – the traditional Finn way.

(Season 5)

Episode 1- Tunisia
Cantik Detektif is finally back for season 5! In this season, Huda ventures to northern Africa, home to one of the best-preserved medinas in the Islamic world, Tunisia! Here, Huda uncovers centuries old beauty secrets like the black soap – Savon Noir, and discover recent modest fashion trends – Burkini.

Episode 2- Laos
Huda Ali heads to laidback Laos for a traditional taste of beauty! She dives head first in algae facial before dipping her feet into kaipen foot scrub. But what is a trip to Laos without trying her hand in silk weaving!

Episode 3- Japan
In Japan, Huda marches to the beat of the Taiko drum as she rediscovers the beauty of hiking in nature and burying herself in cypress sawdust, whilst learning that green tea and soba noodles are more than just your average japanese meal.

Episode 4- Malaysia
From one island to another, Huda heads to Langkawi where she experiences first hand how to make virgin coconut oil, a centuries old secret for long luscious locks. In Kelantan, Huda faces the heat of traditional confnement method that is still widely being practiced.

Episode 5- Singapore
Huda heads home to Singapore to find more hidden health and beauty secrets. She takes the leap and “bounces” her way into losing weight, and also sniffs out the beauty behind smelling good.

Episode 6- Taiwan
Huda takes us back to Taiwan where she gets into the swing of things with Aerobic Baseball, and discovers hidden beauty secrets of Taiwan’s indigenous people.

Episode 7- Thailand
Beauty is pain. In this episode, Huda suffers through surgery-level pain without even being under the knife! And she tries a unique beauty regime from the nation’s pride and joy – the elephants!

Episode 8- Greece
In this episode, our Cantik Detektif is determined to transform into Huda of Troy as she heads to Greece! Here, she takes up an olympic sport and soak in donkey milk bath for silk smooth skin before learning the age old beauty secret of ancient greek make up.