Groom My Room

GROOM MY ROOM is an info-ed series that sees kid’s turn their fantasy bedrooms into a reality while learning financial management! Two participants aged between eight and twelve will be nominated to create the ultimate room fix! But here’s the catch! With their dream bedroom designs as a guide, participants will be challenged to budget, shop, hire help and eventually create the room- all by themselves! In three days! It’s a race to the finish as they compete against the clock and each other for prizes that’ll make even the oldest of renovator’s dreams come true!



Genre: Kids, Youth, Educational, Family Entertainment
Language: English
Year: 2005 – 2021
Duration: 80 Episodes x 30 Minutes (Seasons 1 – 7) / 48 Episodes x 30 Minutes (Seasons 8 – 11)
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: SD (Seasons 1 – 7) / HD (Seasons 8 – 11)
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.


Episode 1: Stars and Constellations
In this episode, explore the wonders of the universe with Yun as she gives her room the ultimate makeover!

Episode 2: Riding the Airwaves
Rock the airwaves with Qayyum as he transforms his room into the radio station of his dreams!

Episode 3: En Garde!
This week, aspiring fencer Omar gets ready to face his biggest challenge ever – grooming his boring old room! How will he fare? Tune in to find out!

Episode 4: Shake & Spray
In this episode, go gaga over graffiti with Dhalila as she shakes, sprays and paints her way to an exciting new room!

Episode 5: Konnichiwa
In this episode, Nicholas’ love for Japanese food and culture has inspired him to makeover his room with a Japanese theme! With a huge messy room full of mismatching furniture, will he be able to successfully transform his room in time?


Episode 1: Japanese Hotel Resort
Cleve has a deep connection with Japan and wants his room to look like a Tokyo Hotel room. This Samurai is so organised and particular about cleanliness he can make any parent feel untidy. However when the clock starts ticking can our little master say Konichiwa to his new room?

Episode 2: Music / Stage
Adias definitely has a bright future in Hollywood as a stage artist, singer or famous director.. he wants his room to look like a beautiful stage with a special wall he can show off in his music videos.. will this future star mange to win his 100 dollar bonus?

Episode 3: Seashore
Yuxin is a girl who plays musical instruments and collects crystals. She dreams of a room that feels like its right by the seashore. Unfortunately as of now her room is cramped, and disorganised. There is a lot of work to be done, but will time run out she reaches the shores of her new room?

Episode 4: Fashionista Diva
Moveover Cindy Crawford! Neelufer is here! This fashionista wants her room to make her feel like a rockstar diva.. Bright colours, mirrors and even a mini catwalk…it promises to be a room that fashionistas will envy.. We will have to wait and see if this rockstar can get her glam on.

Episode 5: Reggae
Rohaan is a quiet unassuming boy, with the most amazing creative ideas. A big fan of legendary singer Bob Marley, he wants his room to be inspired by Rastafarian colours, images, and Bob Marley’s immortal music… Wow.. if the idea sounds so inspiring wonder how good the room is going to look?


Episode 1: Unicorn
Host Charmian Tan and her team of a determined Interior Designer and two handy Room Groomers answer Luvell’s cry for help to transform her frightening boys’ room into a girlie unicorn room. Will 10 year-old Luvell be brave enough to bring this daunting task to a good end within 48 hours and the help of two lifelines? 

Episode 2: Bali Beach
11 year-old Julka is ready to say goodbye to her pink and ‘princessy’ old room and pack her bags for an imaginary dream holiday at the beach. Host Charmian Tan joins Julka on her Groom My Room mission to prove her mother that she can be independent and trusted with the challenge to transform her room from ‘drab & dreary’ to ‘beach and breezy’.

Episode 3: Sports
What are you going to do when you want to transform your cramped room into a slick spacious sports room? 11 year-old Javier knows the answer and calls on Charmian Tan and her Groom My Room dream team to complete the challenging task of grooming his dreadful room so he can give his promising waterpolo-playing brother the surprise of a lifetime. 

Episode 4: Music
Host Charmian Tan responds to Ginnie’s shoutout in the only way she knows how. Together with her Groom My Room posse, Charmian comes to the rescue to turn Ginnie’s messy room into a musical fantasy. This 12 year-old guitarist is facing the impossible task of creating a study area and music practice corner all-in-one within 48 hours and a budget of $1.500.

Episode 5: Dance Studio
11 year-old hip hop talent Keane wants to transform his cluttered room into a state-of-the art dance studio where he can practise his slick dance moves. Of course, that is music to the ears of host Charmian Tan and her Groom My Room squad. Will team captain Keane be able to take charge and come up with a hip room design without dancing to tune of others?


Episode 1: Naisha – Wizard Academy
Host Charmian Tan, flanked by a creative Interior Designer and two handy Room Groomers, answers 13-year old Naisha’s cry for help to transform her worn-out room into a spellbinding place. Mustering all her powers, this spirited young wizardess is ready to embark on a memorable 48-hour room makeover journey and make her magical dreams come true.

Episode 2: Bethany – Princess in a Bunnyland
9 year-old Bethany is full of fun design ideas. She can’t wait to say ‘goodbye’ to her cluttered old room and say ‘hello’ to a palace filled with joyful bunnies. Joining her on this majestic mission is host Charmian Tan and her Groom My Room entourage. Together, they face the sheer impossible task of completing the transformation within 48 hours, a budget of S$1500 and with the help of two trusted lifelines.

Episode 3: Jayden & Eden – 3D Gameworld
What to do you when you want to transform your depressing bedroom into a fantasy Gameworld? 11 year-old twin brothers Jayden & Eden know the answer and call on Charmian Tan and her Groom My Room troopers to complete the challenging task of giving them an out-of-this world game room where they can be themselves, together and alone.

Episode 4: Shriya – Indoor Playground
Host Charmian Tan responds to Shriya’s shoutout in the only way she knows how. Together with her Groom My Room posse, Charmian Tan comes to the rescue to turn Shriya’s lacklustre room into paradise. The bubbly fun-loving girl is facing the tough task of creating an indoor playground within 48 hours and a budget of $1500. It’s time to swing into action!

Episode 5: Mikail – Football Manager
13-year-old football fan Mikail wants to transform his drab room into a state-of-the art football stadium where he can line up his favourite players. Of course, that is music to the ears of host Charmian Tan and her own Groom My Room Dream squad. Will team captain Mikail be able to take charge, come up with a spectacular soccer-themed design and keep his eye on the ball at the same time?

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