Mission S Change


为庆祝SG50, Tosh与伟良展开以物换物的旅程, 用50样新加坡物品换取一路上的衣食住行,在50天内从茶古马道启程到北京参加留学生举办的”新加坡50”庆祝会。

Tosh and Weiliang of “Ah Boys to Men” undertake their toughest mission yet! They journey across China with nothing but Singaporean products to trade for food and shelter. Their final destination is Beijing, to take part in SG50 celebrations! Will our Ah Boys make it in time?


Genre: Travel, Culture, Lifestyle
Language: Chinese
Year: 2015

Duration: 13 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals  Co


Episode 1
在第一站玉龙雪山,Ah Boys首次换物就出师不利,晚上也换不到住宿被迫露宿郊外。越挫越勇的他们第二天终于成功换得当地美食和骑马体验,甚至还下厨烹煮印度煎饼给当地人品尝!

Ah Boys’ Schange adventure kicks off at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Bartering gets them cable car and horse rides and local delicacies such as roasted fish. They even prepared roti prata in the local kitchen to barter for a famous local food-Lijiang “Baba”.

Episode 2

In Lijiang, Ah Boys bartered for accommodation, tried the ‘blow-dried liver’ of the Bai Tribe, played African drums, got Dongba craft-paper and a handmade scarf. Despite a setback, the Yunnan tyrant’s granddaughter helped barter for flight tickets to Yibin to meet the inviter, Xiaowei.

Episode 3

Once at Yibin, Ah Boys bartered for the famous Yibin ”burning” noodles. Then, off to Lizhuang to meet Xiaowei for free accommodation. They then bartered for the “three whites” of Lizhuang and visited the Shunan Bamboo forest to enjoy bamboo crafting and a feast!

Episode 4
Ah Boys用一顿肉骨茶换得当地导游的石海景区导览,还在苗族阿姨家借宿一晚。后来受委托送乌骨鸡换取到赤水的车票和住宿,吃了鲜羊肉粉,也参观了佛光岩、挑战挑滑竿并品尝了赤水三绝。

Our Ah Boys succeeds in persuading the ‘Miao’ tribe’s tour guide in accepting their offer of bartering Bak Kut Teh for a tour in the attraction and a night’s stay at her house! While the Boys fret on about their meals and accommodation, they now have to bring along an animal? Watch their exhilarating journey in this episode!

Episode 5

Our Ah Boys visits Bingan Ancient Village and tries the ‘chilli flake noodles’ which left them in awe. The boys even handmade bean curd puddings in exchange for a night’s stay at a hundred-year-old inn! The Boys finally makes their way to the nearby Yaoba Ancient Village by volunteering a bicycle wash for Xiaohong.

Episode 6

Ah Boys finally ‘S-Changes’ to Chongqing! There, they try the famous Chongqing noodles and steamboat. They also conduct a lesson at a local school in exchange for free accommodation, and receive an overwhelming response from the students!

Episode 7
两人到重庆洪崖洞参观,换得专属人偶和冰糖葫芦。之后也到磁器口换了生肖姓名画、印度飞饼和 “毛血旺”并接受摄制组挑战:作棒棒军帮忙提货,以换取前往成都的动车票!

Our boys go sightseeing at Hongyadong, Ciqikou and enjoy the night scenery in Chongqing, eating some local roti prate along the way! They’re told they should head to Chengdu next, and they manage to complete a porter challenge in exchange for two train tickets to Chengdu!

Episode 8
完成”棒棒军”挑战来到成都后,Ah Boys到人民公园感受当地生活气息,也换得道地美食老妈蹄花和体验火疗,随后他们到宽窄巷子交换物品和游玩,并接受摄制组的特别任务:15分钟内召集20人做Kallang Wave!

Our Ah Boys complete a local porter challenge and head to Chengdu! They enjoy a unique tea performance – and promise to perform Singapore’s own “teh tarik”! Suddenly they are given a surprise task – to gather 20 locals to perform the “Kallang Wave” together. Will they succeed?

Episode 9
Ah Boys 成功完成“人浪”挑战,到文殊坊游览时也大有收获,并在限时内学会外国国歌顺利通过特别挑战!到茶园赴约时,Tosh和伟良比赛采茶输了,结果得负责表演拉茶!晚上两人到 “黄龙溪”古镇借宿却处处碰壁, 难道又要露宿街头了?

This episode, our Ah Boys have to learn and sing a foreign national anthem! Then they prepare “teh tarik” for the owner of a tea plantation – and Tosh loses a bet to Weiliang! Trouble brews when they cannot find accommodation. Will they need to camp in the wilds again?

Episode 10
Ah Boys在黄龙溪的寺庙茶馆担任义工换得住宿,期间伟良因违反规定而被罚打更。两人逛了熊猫基地后乘坐卧铺火车到西安的旅社,却发现韩国女生有事已离开,只好用新加坡司令和海报换住宿,并答应老板在吧台帮忙。

Our Ah Boys have nowhere to stay in Huanglongxi for the night! Fortunately, a temple teahouse helps them out. But Weiliang is caught snacking and is punished! In Chengdu they must barter for accommodation with nothing but a Singapore Sling, a poster – and some help at the bar!

Episode 11
Ah Boys到西安回民街换当地美食填饱肚子后,也完成两项挑战:即一天内换三样物品以获额外交通费;学说陕西话以换得兵马俑博物馆门票,还以叻沙换得在当地朋友家住宿

In Xi’an, the Ah Boys have a new challenge: to barter 3 items within a time limit in order to get RMB 200! Weiliang learns the Shaanxi language, winning a ticket to see the legendary Terracotta Army! Finally, they barter home-made laksa for a night’s stay at a new friend’s home!

Episode 13
最后一集AH BOYS到天津和北京把拍卖物品交给买家,期间参加摔跤决斗还到农村果园和万里长城游玩。最后一天参加新加坡留学生的国庆活动,献上自创歌曲和照片完成50天换游挑战。

In Tianjin, the Ah Boys sleep on a balcony and take part in a wrestling match for a feast worth RMB10,000! In Huairou, they visit a fruit orchard and the Great Wall. They mark the 50th and last day of Mission S-Change by celebrating SG50 with Singaporean students in Beijing!