Kek Champion

In this new reality baking competition, 10 of Singapore’s home-bakers battle out in Kek Champion’s kitchen to be declared the winner of Kek Champion. Every week, our hosts, Huda Ali and Chef Bob, would give the contestants two challenges for them to showcase their strengths. The challenges will test not only their skills but how far they would go to get that title. As with every competition show, there will be an elimination every week as well as a baker of the week who will be given the red apron. When a Surprise Challenge is given, how would the bakers react to it? Would they perform to their best of their abilities or crumble under pressure? From baking croquembouche towers to Kek Lapis, who can prove that they are truly a Kek Champion?

Genre: Food, Format
Language: Malay
Year: 2018

Duration: 8 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide, excluding Singapore
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Episodic Details

Episode 1- Salam Perkeknalan:
In the grand opening of Kek Champion, we welcome the 10 contestants who will spend their time in this kitchen to be declared the ultimate Kek Champion. In this first episode, contestants will introduce themselves to us by baking a Giant Cupcake inspired by someone they look up to and bake a cake unique to themselves! Who will be receiving the red apron and who will be the first to leave the Kek Champion kitchen?

Episode 2- Jalan Keknangan:
The remaining 9 bakers of Kek Champion walks into the kitchen full of excitement and anticipation. Contestants celebrate diversity and go back to making Kuihs just like back in old times! Can they work in teams and communicate to deliver a multi-layered Kek Lapis? Can their 3 different types of kuihs earn them a spot in the next week of Kek Champion or will they have to give up their apron?

Episode 3- Keksayangan:
This week is all about Love. Love is in the air, so contestants have to deliver and make the judges fall in love with their creations. Can their love letters express their desire to stay in this competition? Contestants are also tested on their ability to create a 3D structure made out of biscuits! Who has to give up their apron and whose love managed to earn them the Red Apron?

Episode 4- Kekazaman:
Do the remaining 7 bakers have the determination to continue on this journey to be crowned Kek Champion? For the first challenge, we test the bakers with making pies. Following which, they are tested by either having to make a Macaron tower or a Croquembouche tower. Whose tower will collapse thus causing them to say goodbye and whose tower will stand tall and proud to earn them the Red Apron?

Episode 5- Kekriangan:
After 4 mentally and physically challenging weeks in the kitchen, we decided to celebrate in the Kek Champion kitchen today. Contestants have to make a chiffon cake for a very special birthday boy. Can their chiffon cake rise up to the challenge or will it fall flat?

Episode 6- Daya Kekreativiti:
There are many delicious types of cheesecakes and sometimes, you have to travel to truly taste the authentic ones. Can the contestants bring the judges to New York and Japan with their rendition of a New York cheesecake and Japanese Souffle? When contestants are tasked to make a Batik Motif Fruit Tart, who will ultimately be packing their suitcase and leaving Kek Champion’s kitchen? Who will get that Red Apron?

Episode 7- Kekindahan Seni:
It’s the seventh week and challenges get tougher and wowing the judges gets harder. Contestants have to make both a Pavlova and a Singapore Swiss Roll with Singapore Motifs. Taste isn’t enough to secure them a spot in the finals. Whose confectionary’s looks will cost them their spot and who will be our ultimate 4 finalists of Kek Champion?

Episode 8- Kekmenangan:
In the season finale of Kek Champion, the final 4 contestants have one last opportunity to prove that they are Kek Champion. Whose Banoffee Pie will go bananas and whose 4-tiered circus cake will perform as the star in the circus? Only 1 can be crowned Kek Champion. Who will that be?