Makan Xtrim

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. In this series entitled MAKAN XTRIM (Polarizing Food), we look at everyday food that many of us LOVE but many others LOVE to HATE.

From the stinkiest to the spiciest, we cover a wide spectrum of delicacies across diverse cultural landscapes that divide foodies in food paradise all around the world. Why are some people addicted to them while others find them repugnant

We will explore the science behind the forces of attraction and repulsion – could it be genetics, biology, and psychology that influence our culinary likes and dislikes?

For each episode, our host will feature a selection of 4 polarizing foods in that thematic category. He will give a brief background of these foods – Who eats them? How and when are they eaten? He will conduct a street poll to substantiate what we may already know – that these widely loved foods are frightening to a lot of people out there!

We put our panel of multi-national foodies to the test and observe their reactions as they sample the featured menu for the week. What will their verdict be? Yummy or Yucky? Which food will be crowned the weekly champion?


Genre: Food, Reality & Entertainment
Language: Malay with English Subtitles
Year: 2016

Duration: 8 episodes x 30 mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Filmat36 Pte Ltd

Episodic Synopsis:

Episode 1 – The Bitter Menu 
Everyone loves chocolates but have you ever tried 99% Dark Chocolate? Is Dark Chocolate in the same league as Black Coffee or Bittergourd? These infamously bitter foods may cause you to turn away in disgust but can the traditional Malay herb, Jamu Akar Cerita, defeat all of them and emerge champion of all things bitter?

Episode 2 – The Sour Menu
Do you think a macho man is able to take sour food? What if we give him Indian Gooseberry, Belimbing Asam, Sauerkraut and Umeboshi? Can he and our adventurous foodies stomach and swallow these sour delicacies? Or do we need to standby a puke bucket?

Episode 3 – The Spicy Menu
Join our host, Nurul Aini, to find out from our tasters, which is the spiciest food that burns their throats and stomachs. Among Salsa, Vindaloo Curry, Kimchi and Bhut Jolokia, which of these fiery hot foods do you think will be crowned the Spicy King? Which one will earn the most ‘like’s?

Episode 4 – The Sauce Menu
We normally use sauces as condiments or to marinate our food. How will our tasters react when faced with Wasabi, Cincalok, Tamarind Sauce and Thai Fish Sauce? Will they gag non-stop and lose their appetite for the whole day? Let’s find out with our host, Nurul Aini, in this week’s saucy episode.

Episode 5 – The Stinky Menu
What is the public’s tolerance level for stinky food with less than pleasant smells? Our tasters this week can’t help but cringe as the pungent aroma of Durian, Natto, Blue Cheese and Surströmming invades their senses. Which of these foods will triumph as the stinkiest? Which one will be chosen as the best-liked?

Episode 6 – The Veggie Menu
This week is an adventure into the world of vegetables and healthy food. When presented with Petai, Beetroot, Lady’s Finger, and Daun Pegaga, how will our tasters react? Is it the colour of these vegetables that turns them off? Or is it perhaps the taste or smell? Let’s find out which vegetable will reign supreme as the most disliked.

Episode 7 – The Sweet Menu
Some think that enjoying something sweet will instantly lift one’s mood and make you happy. But exactly how sweet is sweet? Can our tasters take on Baklava, Kuih Kacau, Sago Gula Melaka and Gulab Jamun in our sweetest challenge yet? Which of these foods will triumph as the King of Sweet?

Episode 8 – The Appetizers Menu
When you talk about appetizers, you think of food that will enhance your tastebuds and make you eager for more. But when you have Century Egg, Chicken Feet, Fish Roe and Fu Yu (Smelly Tofu), will our tasters lose their appetites? Find out with our host, Nurul Aini, as she goes on a mission to crown the most unappetizing appetizer.