Hello, Big Shots!

It’s a talk show with a twist! In Hello, Big Shots!, six kids get a chance to interview famous Singapore personalities from all walks of life. From a doctor, artiste, chef, sportsman to the minister, nothing is too outrageous to ask!




Genre: Variety, Talk Show, Kids & Family Entertainment
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2020

Duration: 6 Episodes x 15 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Minister of Transport – Ong Ye Kung
What does the Minister of Transport do? What’s Minister Ong Ye Kung’s childhood ambition? What will he tell his 8-year-old self if he can go back in time? Our kids take the opportunity to interview Minister Ong Ye Kung and get to know him better.


Episode 2 – Artiste – Kym Ng
Exactly how tall is Kym Ng? Does she make a lot of money? Can she keep silent for 24 hours? What’s her most embarrassing moment? Our kids quiz her and find out more about her quirks and talents.


Episode 3 – Football Star – Fandi Ahmad
How many languages does football star Fandi Ahmad speak? What other talents does he have besides playing soccer? How many wounds are there on his body and how many surgeries has he had? Come find out what he means by the 3 “D”s and 1 “S” when playing soccer?


Episode 4 – Celebrity Chef – Eric Teo
Celebrity Chef Eric Teo has kept a notebook for 33 years, so what’s written in it? What will he do if he’s not a chef? The first medal he won – it’s not from a cooking competition? Let’s find out what other talents Chef Eric Teo has besides his culinary skills.


Episode 5 – NCID Executive Director – Professor Leo Yee-Sin
As a doctor who specializes in treating infectious diseases, is Professor Leo Yee-Sin afraid of viruses? Is she worried about being infected? Can Professor Leo climb a tree? What kind of books does she like? As the kids interview her, we’ll also find out if she has any regrets.


Episode 6 – Benjamin Kheng
Benjamin Kheng finds it challenging dealing with kids! So how will he cope when he meets 6 kids face-to-face? What foolish things did he do when he was a kid? His biggest fears? Let’s see how this talented musician impresses the kids when he improvises and performs for them.