Kids CEO


The bubble tea tycoon. The cupcake magnate. The blogshop entrepreneur. Forget pocket money. Kids, its time to grow your own moolah! “Kid CEOs” is a 13-part series, where kids call the shots, plan, budget and run their very 1st business! Each week, 2 kids compete to see who’s the better money-maker. They’ll be given $100 each, and will have to grow this investment, through a business start-up. How will they multiply their initial capital? Who will emerge winner? From business conceptualising, to investment appetites, to hiring and marketing! “Kid CEOs” aims to impart financial literacy, life skills and street sense, to budding young minds.



Genre: Kids, Youth, Educational, Entertainment
Language: Chinese

Duration: 13 episodes x 30 mins
Year: 2013
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Client: Channel 8 (Singapore Terrestrial)


Ep 1 – Accessories
Ep 2 – Cupcakes
Ep 3 – Hand-Designed T-Shirts
Ep 4 – Drinks
Ep 5 – Biscuirs
Ep 6 – Photography
Ep 7 – Ice Cream
Ep 8 – Environmentally Friendly Household
Ep 9 – Breakfast
Ep 10 – Local Tour Packages
Ep 11 – Desserts
Ep 12 – Handicraft
Ep 13 – Flea Market