The Deep End

To 18-year-old Pauline, swimming is her entire life, or so it appears. The daughter of National swimming champion Roy Quah, her goals seem clear – go for the gold, and bring glory to the country. But she chafes under the heavy hand of her coach – her own father, and yearns to escape his controlling ways. In the National Team selection process, she makes an enemy and archival in Dani, who makes it her personal mission to destroy Pauline. Things get even more complicated when the golden boy of the mens’ team, Des, shows interest in her, drawing the ire of Dani, who just so happens to be his twin sister. Fortunately, her best friend Stef always has her back. Together, they’ll face down every challenge they face, as life throws them in The Deep End.

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Genre: Coming of Age Drama
Language: English
Year: 2019

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Episodic Details

Episode 1 – 0.02 Seconds
Pauline plans to apply to an overseas university, but the obstacles in her way seem unending – including her own coach Roy, who’s also her father. Meanwhile, there are still tryouts for the National Team, and perhaps worst of all, she makes an enemy of Dani, undisputed queen of the pool.

Episode 2 – The Weight of Her World
Pauline’s officially in the National Team selection process, plus, she seems to have made a new best friend in Dani. But is there more than meets the eye? Meanwhile, with Pauline training under her new coach, Roy begins to feel a void in his life, and a need to regain what he’s lost.

Episode 3 – Bend or Break
With Roy around all the time, and Dani stepping up her torture game, Pauline begins to find her life a living hell. And a night out clubbing with her fellow swimmers ends up being a night to remember – in all the wrong ways.

Episode 4 – A Whole New World
It’s escalation on all fronts as Pauline faces pressure from her father, coach, and archival simultaneously. On top of that, she agrees to go on a date with Des to get back at Dani, which will probably end up being an absolute nightmare… or will it?

Episode 5 – Picture Perfect
Pauline and Stef have had enough, and decide to strike back at Dani. But how can Pauline overcome her biggest obstacle – her conscience? Meanwhile, things also start heating up between her and Des.

Episode 6 – Troubled Waters
Publicly humiliated, Dani lapses back into dangerously unhealthy behaviors. Stef becomes obsessed with Des and Pauline’s relationship and decides to do whatever it takes to protect her best friend.

Episode 7 – Just a Dream
The increasing tension between Pauline and Stef finally reaches boiling point, and things may never be the same again. To his great shock, Roy finds out about Pauline and Des, but his response may drive a bigger wedge than ever between him and his daughter.

Episode 8 – Another 0.02 Seconds
Pauline reaches out to Stef, but the damage done to their friendship may be irreparable. Meanwhile, she and Roy begin to be haunted by a shadow from the past.