武术师。校长。超级巨星。运动员。农夫。这些职业,王必胜都想尝试。每周 半小时的《今天我是谁》,是一部13集的职场喜剧儿童节目。故事环绕着年青 小男孩,必胜,在他十岁生日时收到"十龙玉"后。每集,必胜将与不同的人 物对调身份,体验不同的工作。呆头呆脑的他都总会闹出一连串的趣事,但却 从中学到不同行业的喜与辛,自负后果的同时领悟出人生的道理。

Kung Fu Master. Principal. Celebrity. Athlete. Farmer. Wang Bi Sheng wants to be it all. Busy Body is a 13-part weekly half hour kids comedy series revolving around a young boy who mysteriously acquires the power to be whoever he wants to be – with some conditions. A social misfit, Bi Sheng’s life gets turned upside down as he is gifted with this unique power through a magical ‘Ten Dragon Jade’ on his 10th birthday. An occupation-based kids comedy, the series explores Bi Sheng’s abilities by switching places with a different person each week, and the lessons he learns about the job and the repercussions of his actions.


Genre: Kids, Youth, Fantasy Drama
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2014-2015

Duration:  30 mins x 13 episodes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide (except Singapore Terrestrial)
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Hoods Inc. Productions Singapore

Client: Mediacorp Channel 8 (Singapore)

Episodic Synopsis:

Ep 1: Principal 

校长 三思而后行 Principal: Think twice before you act.

必胜对他10岁生日收到的礼物, 十龙玉感到极为不悦。对十龙玉的法力不知情 的他,无意中与校长对调了身份。必胜原以为变成校长后,能肆无忌惮地更改 校规,喜出望外。怎知,却把学校搞得一团糟,莫视了学校应为教育学生的宗 旨。最终,他必须靠自己的能把学校还原。

(Bi Sheng is not pleased to receive the ‘Ten Dragon Jade’ as a present on his 10th birthday. Unsure of its exact powers, he accidentally swaps bodies with his school Principal. Initially overjoyed with the opportunity to implement his own school rules, he soon realizes the school’s function as an education centre is compromised and has to reverse his chaotic actions to get things back to normal.)

Ep 2: Pop Star 

超级巨星:玉不琢不成器 Pop Star: Diamond in the rough 

必胜与超级巨星TT换身了!他沉浸在当艺人的光鲜耀眼中,要风得风,要雨得 雨。但他很快便发现星光背后是要付出很多的努力和热忱。随着故事发展,必 胜也渐渐地体会当艺人的艰辛,了解所谓的"台上一分钟,台下十年功"。

(Bi Sheng swaps bodies with famous pop star, TT. He takes advantage of stardom to get whatever he wants, but it soon dawns on him that being an artiste requires dedication and hard work. As the story progresses he develops a deeper understanding and appreciation of the passion and commitment an artiste puts in the course of their work.)

Ep 3: Badminton Player 

羽毛球球员: 齐心协力,其利断金  Badminton Player: With united effort, anything is possible

必胜竟在羽赛中与他崇拜的羽球员叔叔对调了身份。自以为是的他兴高采烈地 挑起球拍上场,却低估了当运动员是需下一番苦功才能应赛的。团体及体育精 神全无的他,只有屡战屡败的份。为了不损叔叔的名誉,必胜咬紧牙关,努力 特训,从中学到了什么是真正的团队及体育精神。

(Bi Sheng swaps bodies with his sportsman Uncle Tony, who is in the middle of playing in a Badminton tournament. Bi Sheng is thrilled to take the racquet and grace the court but doesn’t realize the hard work and dedication required to be an athlete. Not being a team player, Bi Sheng starts to lose games and through the ordeal, gains an appreciation of athletes and the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.)

Ep 4: Animal Welfare Officer 

动物福利主任: 爱惜动物,尊重生命 Animal Welfare Officer: Treasure animal, respect live

爸爸妈妈不让必胜养宠物,必胜便起歪主意,和一名动物福利员交换身体。必 胜本以为当动物福利员很容易,只须陪动物玩,乐番了。怎知,责任重大,动 物的饮食起居,若有差错,可能会害它们生病。必胜不敢怠惰,认真地当起一位负责任的动物福利员。

(After his parents refuse to allow him to keep a pet, Bi Sheng swaps bodies with an Animal Welfare Officer. Initially overjoyed with playing with the animals, he soon find the heavy responsibilties and duties a burden rather than joy. When he sees the repercussions of his actions, Bi Sheng is forced to understand what it takes to become a responsible animal caregiver.)

Ep 5: Toy Store Service Staff 

玩具店服务员: 言必信,行必果 Toy Store Service Staff: You keep your words, you know what you’ll do.

必胜见玩具店的工作员每天都有玩具玩,贪玩地和他交换了身体。梦寐以求的 工作却在顾客的刁难下瓦解。必胜发现不但没有玩具可玩,每天还要收拾那些不负责任的小朋友弄乱的玩具, 而且得熟知所卖的产品资料。另一方面,美恩以为 必胜忘了自己的生日,闷闷不乐。

(Bi Sheng swaps bodies with a Service Staff at a toy store in order to have fun and play all day. This is a dream job until he has to face fussy customers, clear the mess created by irresponsible kids and work hard to understand the 3 products he is selling. Meanwhile, Mei En is upset, thinking that her best friend has forgotten her 10th birthday.)

Ep 6: Farmer 

农夫: 一分耕耘,一分收获 Farmer: You reap what you sow

美恩邀必胜到她叔叔的农场郊游。娇生惯养的必胜一向饭来张口, 把所有的事 都当理所当然, 好玩地变成农夫后,才知道什么是辛苦。身当农夫的过程中,必胜学会一分耕耘,就会有一分收获及浪费食物的弊处。

(Mei En takes Bi Sheng to visit her uncle’s farm. Having been lazy all his life and taking things for granted, Bi Sheng finds the life of a Farmer is tough, and swaps bodies with Mei En’s uncle to have fun on the farm. Through his journey, Bi Sheng discovers a farmer’s effort of growing food as well as the negative impact of wastage.

Ep 7: Martial Arts Master

武术师: 仁者无敌 Martial Arts practitioner: One who is compassionate is invincible

当必胜和朋友在邻里被几名街霸欺负时,他们决定报名参加武术班。必胜灵机 一动,想和武术师交换身体,可是十龙玉却让他们交换技能。必胜占着自己武 功变高强了,反斯负起同学,无人不畏惧他。但他自省自己渐渐也变成了讨厌 的恶霸时,开始颈悟到武术并非用来欺凌他人,而是用于自卫, 也开始欣赏武 道所贯输的原则及道理。

(When Bi Sheng and his friends are bullied near their home, they decide to enlist for martial arts classes. Bi Sheng gets a brainwave and tries to swap bodies with the Martial Arts Master, but the Ten Dragon Jade makes them swap skills instead. Bi Sheng takes advantage of his newfound skill to intimidate kids who are weaker than him. But when he realizes he has become a bully, he starts developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the philosophy and values of martial arts as well as fosters a deeper understanding on the training and responsibilities involved.)

Ep 8: Ceramist

陶艺家: 自由创作 Ceramist: Be creative

必胜被同学取笑没艺术感,为证明事非如此,必胜与陶艺术师对换身体。可是 他只会投机取巧,不愿努力,创作出来的作品照样不合格。过后, 因事故所 迫,必胜必须创作出一件艺术品。 从中,他领悟到艺术创作需造诣和创意,两 者缺一不可。

(During an arts excursion, Bi Sheng swaps bodies with a Ceramist to prove to his classmates that he is actually good at art. But unwilling to put in the hard work and dedication required to be an artist, Bi Sheng soon learns the 4 passion that goes into the arts, and develops a deeper appreciation of the skill and creativity a Ceramist puts in the course of creating art.)

Ep 9: Janitor

校工: 行行出状元  Janitor: There are masters in every profession, one can distinguish himself in any trade.

必胜错遭校工冤枉,心怀怨气,为了报复, 故意把校园弄得乱七八糟。怎知,不 小心与校工交换了身体,继承了这恶梦般的清洁工作。必胜被迫把学校清理干 净,但在途中学到了职业不分贵贱,每个人在社会都扮演着某种角色,给于不 同的贡献。

(When Bi Sheng is accused of a crime he did not commit in school, he gets revenge on the janitor who accused him by messing up the school premises. When he accidentally swaps bodies with the Janitor, he faces a nightmarish experience, being forced to clean the messy school. In the process, Bi Sheng learns to appreciate the hard work a janitor puts in the course of his job and starts respecting the role each individual plays in society.)

Ep 10: Hawker

小贩:卫生的价值 Hawker: Value of Hygience 炒粿条是必胜最爱的食物。

为了能随时吃到它,必胜与阿黑对调身体。可是必 胜从未下厨,不注重卫生的恶习更是一箩筐,炒一盘粿条变成了极为恶心的体 验。因此,遭受顾客的投诉,渐渐地失去很多顾客。为了挽救摊主的名誉,必 胜只好认真学习如何卫生地烹调食材,赢回顾客欢心。

(Char Kway Teow is Bisheng’s favourite food, and he swaps bodies with his favourite Hawker to make himself unlimited plates of his favourite dish. However, for someone who seldom enters his own kitchen and has many unhygienic habits, cooking becomes a disgusting experience. When he gets complaints and starts losing customers, Bi Sheng is forced to learn the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and save the stall from getting a bad reputation.)

Ep 11: Tour Guide

导游: 文化之旅 Tour Guide: Cultural tour 学校安排了一趟文化遗产之旋。

倍感无聊的必胜决定和导游交换身体,编改行程 ,弄得好玩一点。很快地,必胜发现除了行程好玩外,当导游还得顾及多方面的因 素, 更要见多识广, 渐然对导游这份行业肃然起敬。

(During a school excursion to heritage and cultural sites, Bi Sheng swaps bodies with a Tour Guide and plans his own fun itinerary. But the fun soon wears off and Bi Sheng starts to understand and appreciate the hard work and in depth knowledge a Tour Guide requires in the course of their job. ) 5

Ep 12: Nurse (Part 1)

护士: 不变的爱(上) Nurse: Never changing love (Part 1)

必胜一直对他的朋友撒谎说他的爸爸是位医生,可是他其实是位护士。当谎言被 拆穿时,必胜感到很羞亏。过后更无意间与父亲对换了身份。两人对这次的对调 感到十分惊讶与懊恼, 想尽办法把身份换回来。与此同时,美恩发现她的祖先是 何族, 而且他们就是’十龙玉’的原有主人。

(Bi Sheng has been lying to his friends that his father is a Doctor, when in truth, he’s actually a Nurse. When his lies are revealed, Bi Sheng is ashamed and unwittingly swaps bodies with his father. Both are shocked and annoyed with this swap and attempt to do everything they can to swap back. Meanwhile, Mei En discovers that her ancestors are from the He Clan, and that they are the rightful owners of the ‘Ten Dragon Jade’.)

Ep 13: Nurse (Part 2)

护士: 不变的爱(下) Nurse: Never changing love (Part 2)

必胜和爸爸还没能恢愎身份。爸爸继续上学,但行为举指貌似大人,导至朋友 们讨厌他。另一外厢,心胜也得到医院工作。一头污水的他试着照料病人,但 是能力有限。同时,他发现当一名护士并非易事,必须兼备热忱、要有爱心和 耐心才能把病人照顾好。可是十龙玉仍下落不明的事,深深困扰着这对父子。 难不成他们永远都变不回来了吗?

(Bi Sheng and his father have swapped bodies and are unable to swap back. Bisheng’s father goes to school where he behaves like an adult, much to the annoyance of his friends, while Bisheng goes to the Hospital and attempts to take care of patients. He soon learns the dedication that goes into providing healthcare services and the important role a Nurse plays as a caregiver. But things get worse when they discover the Ten Dragon Jade is missing. Will they be stuck in the wrong bodies forever?)